January 2, 2012

Why I made this Blog

I have been contemplating starting this blog for a few years now. I wanted a place to expound my thoughts about culture at large as seen through the lens of LEGO bricks. Previously these thoughts have been confined to my head (apart from a few conversations with like-minded individuals) and it is finally time to give them room to breathe. I don't expect this blog to ever attract a large audience, but I do hope it will be a place for deep conversations about LEGO products and contemporary culture.

Here are some topics I plan to discuss on this blog at some point in the future:
LEGO & Gender (the buzz about the new LEGO Friends line is what finally pushed me to start this blog)
LEGO & Imperialism (Otherized Violence, etc.)
LEGO & Race (The Lando Conundrum)
LEGO & Minecraft (or why LEGO Universe failed)
LEGO & Art (building on the work of Roy T. Cook)

If you're wondering who the heck I am, check out my website or follow me on your platform of choice.


  1. I'm a K-4 science teacher at an all-girls school and have been thinking a lot about Legos and girls lately. We just hosted a Junior FIRST LEGO League expo, and of the eight teams, two were all girls (including the one from my school), one was a boy-girl duo, and the others were all boys. I was working up my thoughts, observations, and frustrations into a blog post this weekend and realized I needed to do more research. I haven't yet gone on the field trips I have planned to Toys R Us and the LEGO store, but I was absolutely delighted to find your blog.

    I realize just how much work the essays you've written already must have been, but I for one would LOVE to see the other topics you mentioned here explored. I'm completely fascinated by your analysis of Friends, and I'd love to read more!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Elizabeth. I'm glad that you found my work interesting. I don't know when I will write my next essay (seeing pictures of the Native American figures in the upcoming LEGO  Lone Ranger sets got me thinking about the article I want to write on race in LEGO again...), but you can be sure to find it here when I do.